Turnitin - Company Analysis And Business Model

Turnitin - Company Analysis And Business Model

Table Of Contents

  • How Turnitin works
  • For students
  • For teachers
  • Business model of Turnitin
  • Competitive landscape
  • Turnitin Acquisition
  • Idea in short

    • CEO: Chris Caren
    • Founders: John Barrie
    • Year founded: 1998
    • Headquarter: Oakland, California, USA
    • Employees: Estimated 417
    • Type: Private
    • Annual Revenue: Estimated $127.7M
    • Products & Services: Online Plagiarism Checker
    • URL: https://www.turnitin.com/
    • Competitors: Unicheck, Copyleaks, Academicplagiarism
    • Business Model: Subscription

    Turnitin is an online tool that is used to detect potential plagiarism in students’ work. Growing from one million student paper submissions in 2002 to one billion in 2018, Turnitin serves over 15,000 institutions globally. The company is headquartered in Oakland, California. It also has international offices in the U.K., Netherlands, Australia, Korea, India, and throughout Latin America. The company states that its software is geared toward promoting academic integrity.

    Beyond detecting potential plagiarism within a paper, Turnitin can also identify instances of contract cheating, where a third party has written the student’s work for them. The tool, called Authorship Investigate, does this by using machine learning algorithms and forensic linguistic practices to detect major variances in writing style among one student’s work.

    Turnitin’s proprietary software promotes student authenticity, instructor effectiveness, and better educational outcomes. Through machine learning, computer vision, and advanced artificial intelligence, Turnitin’s products check for plagiarism in writing and code assignments, provide real-time feedback for students, and automate grading for teachers across multiple disciplines. Turnitin’s products are used by over 34 million students in over 15,000 K-12 and higher education institutions in 153 countries. Its global reach and network of clients, including educational and research institutions, corporations and governments, have enabled Turnitin to build an unparalleled database of content used to check for text similarity and verify authorship.

    How Turnitin works

    • Allows students to review their work for originality before submission
    • Provides teachers with an automatic report that flags areas of similar or copied work

    Turnitin claims to benefit both teachers and students by providing two primary services.

  • Students can upload their work to the Turnithin website and check for areas that require revision to avoid plagiarism without actually submitting it.
  • the ability for teachers to streamline their revision and grading process by having their students submit their work through Turnitin, which automatically flags potential plagiarism for them without the need to do their own investigating.
  • For students

    When a student uploads a paper to the Turnitin site, the company’s software identifies areas of potential plagiarism. The algorithm the software uses compares the text against an extensive corpus. This corpus is a database of web pages, published articles, books, magazines, journals, etc. The database also contains millions of essays previously submitted by students. Turnitin claims that this database contains 165 million journal articles and subscription content sources. In addition, it contains 45 billion web pages as well as over 900 million student papers. Once a student submits a paper to Turnitin, it stays in the company’s system indefinitely. Thus, Turnitin can check for the plagiarism using both published authors’ works as well as previous students’ work. The algorithm can also evaluate originality in a student’s work by detecting writing-style differences among student’s previous submissions.

    For teachers

    After the submitted papers have gone through Turnitin’s detection software, teachers receive a report that gives a percentage of the paper that matches other sources. Teachers also receive a version of the student’s paper with all similar areas marked and color-coded. The idea is that teachers eventually decide whether any of the flagged instances truly constitute plagiarism. Turnitin only makes this process easier by identifying potential instances for them.

    Business model of Turnitin

    Turnitin charges educational institutions an annual fee to have access to the service. Students of these schools do not have to pay to use the service. Turnitin’s pricing is on a per student basis. So, the cost per year will differ across institutions, depending on their size and the number of students enrolled.

    Turnitin does not provide exact pricing details in its website. However, the cost per student was reported to be around $2 per year in 2012. Assuming no price rise, an institution with 15,000 students can expect to pay around $30,000 a year for Turnitin’s software.

    This business model appears to be profitable for the company as the CEO, Chris Caren has stated that Turnitin has been cashflow positive since 2004. The company reportedly now generates an estimated $127.7 million in annual revenue.

    Competitive landscape

    Turnitin is approaching 20 years in operation, as its plagiarism prevention service launched in 2000. That means that the company has had nearly 20 years of gathering new sources and student work to add to its database. According to the company, 30 million students from over 15,000 institutions around the world use the tool, contributing to the approximately 929 million student papers in its archive.

    Consequently, Turnitin outweighs all of its competitors in the anti-plagiarism software space by its sheer size. Although Unicheck, a competing online plagiarism checker, has 1 million users in more than 400 institutions and Academicplagiarism has over 30,000 customers, neither can truly compete with Turnitin’s global dominance, which extends to over 140 countries.

    In terms of its target market, Turnitin differs slightly in that it focuses solely on educational institutions. Unicheck and Copyleaks target personal users, businesses, and educational institutions, while Academicplagiarism targets both, students and schools. Copyleaks and Academicplagiarism, two of Turnitin’s top competitors, both use a subscription model, offering users the ability to choose amongst several different plan options that will allow them to scan a certain number of pages per subscription period. Unicheck offers a similar model to Turnitin, charging institutions a fee based on the number of students served.

    Turnitin Acquisition

    Turnitin might have some major changes around the corner;  the company was acquired by Advance Publications for about $1.75 billion. Advance Publications is a family-owned media conglomerate that owns Conde Nast as well as operates and invests in a broad range of technology, media and communications businesses globally. Industry experts expect this new ownership to usher in change for the platform.

    As Christopher Nyren, founder of Educated Ventures, put it:

    You don’t buy a grading company for almost $2 billion just to keep focusing on grading. So I have to think this is to build out a broader suite [of products].

    Caren, Turnitin’s CEO, says the company is planning to expand beyond writing into other fields like science and math, in order to become:

    a platform for colleges and high schools to submit all types of student assignments.


    Turnitin has found massive success as an anti-plagiarism software by charging educational institutions on an annual, per-student basis. It will be interesting to see when and how the company will tweak its revenue model in future years as it diversifies its service offering.

    Are Udemy courses worth it? An Honest Review

    Are Udemy courses worth it? An Honest Review

    Page Content

    • What Is Udemy?
    • What Is The Point Of Udemy?
    • Is Udemy Worth It?
      • But is Udemy Legit?
      • So how do you know the right course to buy?
    • What Types Of Courses Are Available On Udemy?
    • What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Udemy Course?
    • Can I put Udemy on my resume?
    • Do professionals use Udemy?
    • Is udemy accredited?
    • Conclusion

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    This post will take a look at Udemy and explore what this site is all about, what kinds of courses are offered on Udemy, and whether those courses are worth it. There are lots of opinions out there, we will try our best to be as objective as possible.

    What Is Udemy?

    Udemy is an online learning platform where anyone can teach or take a course. There’s no application process, you simply sign up and upload video lectures on whatever topic you want to teach.

    You set the price for your course which is usually between $10-100 but can also be free (depending on if any other materials are needed). The students purchase access to the course using their credit cards or PayPal account and they get lifetime access to the content.

    There are basically two types of teachers on Udemy. There are ones who have professional experience in their field and want to share what they know with the world and then there are the second type of teachers. Those who want to teach a skill they mastered through trial and error and want to share their success with others.

    This is a good thing because it offers more than just an instructor, but an instructor that knows what he’s talking about.

    There is a third type of teachers on udemy though, these are the ones who have taken advantage of Udemy by becoming instructors for things they’re not experts in like some guy teaching spoken Spanish which they can’t even speak.

    So is Udemy worth it? We will explore further.

    Check the Udemy Website Here

    What Is The Point Of Udemy?

    The point of Udemy is to reach out to a global audience and show them how the other side lives. It can be useful for people who are interested in learning languages or coding. For example, there’s a guy on Udemy who is teaching Japanese by using Japanese Anime and manga as examples.

    Is Udemy worth it? The answer to this question will depend on the course you are looking to take. There are courses that are worth it and there are courses that aren’t. There are courses you just can’t learn over the internet and then there are courses on Udemy that you can.

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    Is Udemy Worth It?

    The answer to this question is both “Yes” and “No”. You see, it all depends on the course you want to take and how effective the instructor/teacher is. For example, there’s one instructor, in particular, I came across who promotes a book he wrote. He has his own studio but he never talks about it, instead, he just keeps talking about how great his book is for learning french. Well, his book stinks…

    So, is udemy worth it? Every person has different needs when it comes to learning from someone, whether it’s in a classroom or an instructor on Udemy. There are some people that like the personal touch and there are others who prefer being able to develop themselves at their own pace. So it will all depend on the course you’re taking and how much those two factors matter to you.

    But is Udemy Legit?

    Yes, Udemy is legit.

    But there are courses on Udemy that will not be worth your time. In fact, there’s a course that teaches you how to make money online by promoting their course.  So you get the point.

    So how do you know the right course to buy?

    Check the number of reviews on any course you want to purchase. There are courses with thousands of reviews and courses with only a few dozen. For example, there are these data analysis courses we reviewed and they are awesome. They are absolutely worth it.

    If you’re planning on taking a course, you can read some reviews on the topic or in some cases, take free quizzes to see if you like it.  

    Also, once you have purchased a course, read the reviews from students who have previously bought that particular course and see what they think about it before getting the course for yourself.

    This is an important step because some instructors don’t teach certain topics well or they fail to provide quality content. But there are also instructors that offer good value for money while others do not.

    You see, if you are taking any course online, you should also be prepared for the fact that there might be some bad eggs out there.  So make sure you do your research and read a few reviews before buying a course from Udemy.

    What Types Of Courses Are Available On Udemy?

    Apart from language courses and programming courses, which are the most popular on udemy at the moment, there are other types of courses available too.

    Udemy has courses on pretty much everything you can think of.

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    From PHP programming to spoken Spanish, from Music Theory to spoken Thai, and much more. The course selection is huge and if you look hard enough, you can definitely find a course that suits your needs. Some courses are just blatant rip-offs of real college/university courses but the structure is somewhat similar.

    You won’t find any official degree from Udemy though, just certificates from the instructor saying that you passed the exam (if any).

    What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Udemy Course?

    You get to learn something new.   This is the main reason why people take courses on Udemy. You learn something you’re interested in or you learn how to do something better or faster. If you want to learn some programming language, you can definitely find it on Udemy.

    If you want to know more about other languages like Spanish or French, there are plenty of those too, actually. To tell the truth, there are probably thousands and thousands of courses out there that can help anyone in their lives if they have the desire and willpower to do so.

    Can I put Udemy on my resume?

    Putting Udemy your udemy certificate on your resume is not a bad idea.  You see, the best way to show your skills is showing the results from whatever you’re trying to learn.  If you have taken an Udemy course, then there’s no doubt that you can back it up with a Udemy certificate.

    Your Udemy certificates are often placed on resumes in the format of “Udemy certification”. So, it is considered an asset when people look at your resume and want to hire you or they want to promote you. I’ve seen many people who succeeded in their job by putting udemy certificate on their resumes too and getting hired into different companies because of it.

    At the end of the day, it is a certificate and it shouldnt hurt your chances of being hired. It might not push you through the door, but i doubt it will hinder you.

    At the very least, it would show that you are actively learning and trying to be better at it. And those are the two most desirable traits for potential employers, so this is a good thing to do.

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    I personally think that Udemy certificate looks great in a resume and I have also used it myself.

    Do professionals use Udemy?

    Professionals use Udemy, yes.

    I’ve seen this in person, and I know of a few professionals who use these courses as part of their training. In fact, some companies buy udemy courses for their employees as part of their training.  So yes, Udemy can be used in your personal and professional life.

    The best thing about Udemy is that it offers you the opportunity to learn from the very best people in the world when it comes to certain topics. There are certain topics that the instructors excel in, and you have the opportunity to learn from them on a one-on-one basis.

    Is udemy accredited?

    No, Udemy is not accredited.

    But that doesnt mean it’s not good. In fact, there are a lot of people who have benefited from Udemy and they’re extremely happy.  But if you’re looking for an accredited learning institution, Udemy is not for you. It’s simply not. So you could stop reading this right now and head over to your university website where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

    However, if you just want to learn something new, then this is the perfect place to do it. I have had both good and bad experiences with instructors on udemy. I’ve seen some that were amazing at their craft and I’ve seen others who couldn’t teach their way out of a paper bag.

    There are courses on Udemy that are extremely well thought out and taught by professionals in the field of study.  You’ll also find courses that are poorly constructed and taught by unqualified people. I recommend you to do your research before purchasing any course on udemy.

    Check the Udemy Website Here


    Now that you know all the things to consider when buying a Udemy course, I hope you will consider taking a Udemy course.  Udemy is an amazingly reliable source of information and learning.  There are thousands of courses and thousands of instructors so there is something for everyone out there.

    Personally, I have used Udemy to learn some programming languages and I found it extremely helpful in my career growth.

    Udemy can be your stepping stone to greater heights in your career or it can help you improve a hobby that you may have had for years. So, if you’re interested in taking a course on Udemy, then go ahead. Please leave us a comment below if you liked this article or have a question.

    Is NordVPN Worth It? What Does NordVPN Do? (2023)

    Is NordVPN Worth It? What Does NordVPN Do? (2023)

    Is NordVPN worth the price? This is a common query in an age where we are more reliant than ever on the internet.

    A virtual private network (VPN) can be an excellent investment when we’re all online more frequently than normal. NordVPN, for example, has become a popular product because it promises exceptional security, fast internet speeds, and access to more of the information you desire.

    Is NordVPN a decent service? Our investigation will lead us to an answer.

    We’ll look at NordVPN today to see if it’s truly worth it for your online experience and security to use this service.

    Click here to see if there are any new offers or discounts available before continuing.


    • What does NordVPN do?
    • How good is NordVPN?
    • How does NordVPN work?
    • Is it worth getting a VPN?
      • Specifically, is NordVPN worth getting?
    • How secure is NordVPN? 
      • Can NordVPN be trusted?
    • How much is NordVPN?
    • Is NordVPN any good?

    What does NordVPN do?

    It’s worth considering NordVPN if you think it’s worth using a virtual private network (VPN). One of the most frequent forms of internet security is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

    Using a virtual private network (VPN) will also encrypt your surfing data, making it more difficult for hackers to locate you.

    Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) typically serves as the conduit via which you access the Internet. Even if you’re utilizing “Incognito” mode, your “ISP” can see everything you do.

    A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts all of your internet traffic as it travels through a remote server, masking your actual IP address.

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    How good is NordVPN?

    End-to-end encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection are all included in NordVPN’s market-leading VPN service.

    Onion support for enhanced security is one of the extras, malware and ad prevention, and “double” data encryption.

    If something goes wrong while using NordVPN, you can contact the company’s specialized support staff anytime for assistance.

    Is NordVPN a decent service? The “no logging” policy of NordVPN is reason enough for us to recommend it. This means that NordVPN does not keep a log of your online activities.

    Many individuals find the internet to be a mysterious and confusing subject. A few online users have recently realized a few unpleasant truths about the internet.

    For example, Facebook and Google are two of the most powerful corporations in the world.

    Even while these companies appear to provide free services to us, their primary revenue source is advertising. These major groups use your data, search history, and cookies placed on your browser to offer customers suitable adverts.

    Get 30% OFF on NordVPN Deal

    How does NordVPN work?

    Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can gather and sell information about your surfing patterns. When it comes to “Is NordVPN worth getting?” the answer is a resounding “yes.”

    Using NordVPN is a great way to keep your online behavior private. You may utilize the technology on your tablet, smartphone, and laptop all at the same time.

    A NordVPN monthly subscription for a dedicated router is available, allowing you to secure your entire home network instantly.

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    Is it worth getting a VPN?

    Specifically, is NordVPN worth getting?

    A virtual private network (VPN) is a good investment if you want to be able to encrypt your data and have more control over who may see it. Today, we’ll be evaluating NordVPN’s performance.

  • Torrenting: A virtual private network (VPN) is necessary if you want to obtain content (legally) via torrent or P2P sites. Due to regional restrictions, such internet behavior is prohibited in many areas. A virtual private network, or VPN, will secure your online privacy and identity when visiting sites like this. With NordVPN, you’ll be able to accomplish some of the following:
  • Browse privately: For many users, NordVPN’s ability to browse privately and without logging is its most compelling feature. As with your Internet service provider, many free VPNs promise to keep your browsing history private, but the information is sold to the highest bidder.
  • Access region-restricted content: Some streaming services and programs are only available in specific countries. When you’re in the United States, you can use NordVPN to access Netflix in the United Kingdom and other territories. Have you noticed?
  • Maintain high internet speeds: NordVPN’s OpenVPN findings are typically positive. As a result, when using this VPN, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing upload or download speeds to maintain your desired level of anonymity and freedom.
  • Protect yourself: You can use NordVPN to protect your online privacy and your computer’s security. Using NordVPN, hackers and other bad actors cannot get their hands on your personal information.
  • Get 30% OFF on NordVPN Deal

    How secure is NordVPN? 

    Can NordVPN be trusted?

    Security is the most crucial consideration for many NordVPN consumers when answering the question, “Is NordVPN good?” A decent VPN must provide both security and privacy. To put it simply, how safe is NordVPN?

    For NordVPN, security is a significant selling factor. The solution uses industry-standard encryption and dynamic key management to keep hackers out of your browser sessions.

    To protect your identity, Onion over VPN sends traffic via many networks, making it nearly impossible for anyone to identify you.

    During our evaluation of NordVPN, we found the service secure and easy to use. The privacy and security features are already on by default, so you don’t have to do anything to use them.

    There is even a handy kill switch to prevent data leakage if a VPN connection fails.

    NordVPN stops DNS leaks for additional security, and the company is committed to maintaining its security strategy in the future.

    NordVPN has a history of openness regarding data leaks, which isn’t always the case with other VPN services. This answers the question, “Can NordVPN be trusted?”.

    In addition to being a renowned VPN service provider, NordVPN adheres to a stringent no-logs policy. In contrast to many other VPNs, Nord goes above and above to ensure that none of your online activities are recorded or forwarded to other parties.

    Usage data, time stamps, traffic, or browsing data are all deleted immediately upon use by the company.

    Session logs, such as arriving IP addresses, are not kept by NordVPN thanks to its high level of security.

    How much is NordVPN?

    However, determining whether NordVPN is safe is crucial, but you must also consider your financial needs.

    In addition to NordVPN paying $11.95, the company offers annual subscriptions for $4.92 per month. However, it’s essential to read the fine print.

    In the beginning, NordVPN offers a discount for long-term customers, but this price won’t always be available when you renew your membership.

    The NordLocker encrypted storage and the NordVPN password manager are optional add-ons you may want to consider when paying for NordVPN.

    Although NordVPN may initially appear more expensive than other VPN services, it provides excellent value.

    Get 30% OFF on NordVPN Deal

    Is NordVPN any good?

    You should consider setting up a virtual private network (VPN) to preserve your online privacy and gain access to higher levels of protection. So, is NordVPN a good value for the money? What’s the best way to answer this question?

    Use your VPN to achieve several things, such as unlocking region-locked material and securing your privacy.

    There’s a good reason why NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services out there. On top of its wide range of locations, NordVPN implements the finest encryption available. This option stands out as a safe bet when it comes to protecting your browser activities.

    To further protect your online privacy, NordVPN promises not to store or retain any of your data, including your IP address.

    Click here to learn more about NordVPN’s entire product line and extraordinary deals!